Ruby Bird Studio x Hasselblad and Broncolor Space Voyage


Those who dared to brave the blistering December snowstorm to attend the event at Ruby Bird Studio, were certainly rewarded for their efforts.


The event promised demo’s from partners like Broncolor, Hasselblad, and Scheimpflug, offering attendee’s the unique opportunity to test new offerings from their extensive and impressive line of equipment. While they certainly delivered on this front, the studio staff managed to go beyond the traditional product demo, instead creating a visceral and truly memorable experience. 

Immediately upon entering, guests were transported to another world as they made their way through the strategically lit haze. A striking beam of light, referential to that of an alien space craft, was created using one of Scheimpflug’s genuinely impressive 1600 watt Joleko lights. The center of the space was occupied by an ominous and transfixing alien landscape set. Models wearing designs from New York designers, including Renee Masoomian and Sex Pixels, posed for photographers experimenting with Hasselblad’s powerhouse X1D Camera. 


Attendees convened around Broncolor’s 222 Para Umbrella, reveling in the ultra flattering, soft light it created. Further exploration of the space led to drinks, music by DJ Aquarioux, and a special presentation of exclusive work by photographer Josh Andrus. His series, entitled “The Taken”, portraying city characters mid alien abduction, was boldly projected against a wall, its scale further elevating immersive atmosphere of the space.

Finally, in the back corner of the studio, a final set provided the ultimate opportunity for photographers to exercise their creative muscles. A variety of monolights from Bronocolor’s Siros line were organized in such a way that individuals could modify, experiment and truly test the possibilities of the light systems while shooting with Hasselblad’s H6D camera. The highly interactive set was a huge hit reaffirming the event’s biggest strength; it’s ability to inspire.

The atmosphere and general sense of comraderey and collaboration was a true testament to the thriving artist community in Greenpoint.